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    Notice 2019. 3. 18. 10:05


    We are looking for brands 

    for doing new 'Experience.'

    And, we'd like to offer to express your items or ideas to the public with this new 'Experience.' Please go ahead and suggest us for collaboration with your item which is valuable and meaningful in the current market. Then, find a new opportunity for yourself!

    Under below is about terms and conditions.

    1. We do not accept any requests from subcontractors or distributors. 

    Only the manufacturer(brand) will be acceptable for this project.

    2. It is all up to you to decide whether you want to offer the product or rental of your item. 

    If you are confident in brand values with your product, we will take any suggestions first. 

    Regardless of competitiveness, brand power, and price, in the current market, Bigheadfiler Studio will be ready to accept any proposals for a valuable idea.

    3. Bigheadfiler Studio will take the offer by e-mail only. 

    Please send a proposal according to the form below.

    We won't receive any personal contact.

    Contact: bigheadfiler@gmail.com

    • Name :

    • Company :

    • Position :

    • Product name :

    • Reason(Motivation) of participation :

    • Main feature /design concept of your item :

    • Marketing-targeting(who is your main consumer) :

    • Suggestion :

    4. This project proposal does not matter to any product.

    And the content creation will be free to go with the brand and the brand must not interfere with this.

    The product that is not appropriate for this event may be rejected.

    If any problem is detected during the review, we will notify you in advance and return your item.

    Unless confirmed as to whether product reviews are conducted, no information be given to the public.

    5. If the proposal is passed the first time, your item will be reviewed for about a week from the time we receive the product in advance. The product will also receive a prototype depending on your situation, but please send the complete product with the whole-packaging. If it is inappropriate or if there is a defect, we will return your item.

    6. The reviews will be freely shared across all the channels we run (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, related websites) and the brand will be only be given the right to share the link addresses of the reviews, and commercial use of the photos will be conducted through prior consultation. If you break this condition, you will have both social and legal responsibilities.

    7. Please understand that the product reviews will be carried out in the order in which the proposals are approved and that the date when they are completed will vary flexibly depending on the characteristics and specifications of the products.

    8. You agree to all of the above and the link below and contact us. Thank you.

    About Bigheadfiler, Terms and Conditions ->


    This event is valid until June 1st only.

    Thank you.

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