• [Review] Eletech Plato upgrade cable for in-ear monitors : deserved the given name.
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    The product is top of the range that gratifies the all fundamental needs of people and also comes with its coherent design concept. However, the reality is that it is not easy to produce a product like that. Even with much effort, the result is often a failure. But there exist some cases out of the ordinary. So, I would like to talk about a product that possesses exceptional powers of perfection.



    ·       24 AWG

    ·       Flawless Monocrystal Bespoke Silver 

    ·       Maximus efficiency strand geometry ; Kevlar infused 

    ·       Cryogenically Treated 

    ·       Eletech Bespoke Solder 

    ·       Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split

    ·       FlexiMax Insulation™ (patent pending) 


    Website: https://elementechnology.com

    Eletech Plato upgrade cable, its package looks splendid and minimal. Its package box just seems like an ancient book. It’s really hard to tell whether a book or not if kept in a bookcase, so it’s like hiding a secret treasure box. There are 3 things inside of it. Exclusive nice-looking leather case containing a Plato upgrade cable, and a thick card-sized metalwork engraved with brand name logos. 


    The leather case is the circular type and has an adequate thickness, designed to grip with one hand and open and adjust the zipper easily. And, even when pressed with both hands hard, the case did not sink to less than 5mm, indicating that it is made strong. The zipper is YYK and can be held comfortably and adjusted smoothly by one hand. The case opens up to 115 degrees and can be bend back up to 180 degrees by force. 


    The back of the case has a single belt buckle and hook that make it easy to hang on any bags and trousers. The inside of the case is made of classy texture feeling suede, suitable storage size carrying a large-sized ciem and Plato upgrade cable together. There is a pocket, but it is not stretchy, so it is recommended to only store the plug of the cable. The case seems to be focused on accessibility for everyday use.



    The design of Plato upgrade cable gives an atmosphere like looking at a beautiful sculpture. Its transparent sheath of the cable and the conductors shining in it like a jewel necklace. The texture feeling of the sheath is quite good when the cable is smoothly bent and held in hand. Plato’s splitter is reminiscent of an ‘Order’ column in ancient Greek architecture. It has a slight blend of streamline patterns that accentuate an elegant yet modern design. The splitter works as a weight, allowing stable use without shaking and microphonics when listening. Therefore, it seems that the length adjustable part has been omitted because it does not have to be there.


    The 2.5mm BAL plug is tightly adhered to the device being mounted, completely removing the concern of shaking and breaking. There is no feeling of rehashing parts such as splitter and plug with different angular patterns in it, making it seem more luxurious. Minimal and clean Eletech logo imprinted on every housing part up to 2Pin socket connectors makes good design consistency.



    The sound signature of Plato performed a propensity to match the name of the product. Its focus was thought to be on delivering more refined sound while maintaining the acoustic characteristics of the receiver and device. Especially, there exists a strong feeling of the surmise because it showed a neutral reverberation tone in middle and bass overall. That doesn’t mean that it performs dry and dull sound-signature. It possesses a smooth and moist elasticity as if the camera’s aperture is tightened to give a clearer image. Treble didn’t sound snappy or metallic. It gets glossily silky condensed and erupts splendidly. Fortunately, this sleek performance stably keeps the treble from reaching a provocative hiss level.


    Actually, Plato is surprisingly rich in the details of bass. There is slightly accentuate reverb in the middle bass so that you can clearly hear the texture of playing percussion instruments like timpani, drum. I reckon that Eletech they focused on saving the details of the bass with minimal emphasis rather than increasing the sense of volume. Listening to the 2.5mm BAL and 3.5mm stereo-standard terminals by inserting a gender, I could see that the effort was greatly demonstrated. Even with the changing conditions of the phase of acoustic, Plato’s sound-signature did not nearly develop treble and middle differently changes only the depth feeling of the bass. Unless earphones with highly emphasized treble or far laid-back middle frequency or unstable tonal balance, Plato will fit most of the products. Especially, it fits the product with a flaccid treble or somber tonal atmosphere.


    Eletech Plato, it can be strongly recommended if you want to try a little more treble detailed and hear the neutral textures of the middle and bass. It is designed with careful consideration for users, not only for sound but for all parts, including luxury leather case and unique package design as high-end grade products. I reckon Eletech Plato is a great product that I can personally recommend if you find a cable with a high degree of completion.



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