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[Review] Eletech Plato upgrade cable for in-ear monitors : deserved the given name.
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2020.03.02 14:24

The product is top of the range that gratifies the all fundamental needs of people and also comes with its coherent design concept. However, the reality is that it is not easy to produce a product like that. Even with much effort, the result is often a failure. But there exist some cases out of the ordinary. So, I would like to talk about a product that possesses exceptional powers of perfectio..

[Review] Hidition X Dignis Collaboration Armin case : More Practical!
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2020.02.11 16:53

After purchasing high-end grade in-ear monitors, a case or pouch comes with its package most likely. But, people do not use most of that kind of case and buy another 3rd party product for carrying their product. I also do that action many times. One of the reasons why this action occurs is that even if the case has a great appearance, it doesn’t fully protect the (c)iem or earphone practicall..

[Review] Mobifren Flex-L Air wireless neckband earbuds: The champion of practicality!
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2019.10.16 22:02

To make high sales and profits in the market, product perfection is significantly essential. However, in reality, it is challenging to offer products to the market that makes popular public image and give satisfaction to high consumer involvement, all together. So, most manufacturers make rational decisions by produce products with minimally acceptable quality. However, there always exist excep..

[Review] Hidition NT-1 custom-fit in-ear monitor: The Great things come in a ​small package.
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2019.08.10 14:35

Thinking of ‘Hidition’, what product comes to your mind? ‘NT-6’, ‘NT-6Pro’, ‘NT-8’, ‘Violet’.. Those of you who read this article probably mention these high-priced ciem products in your mind. Before launching new product ‘Violet (11 BA drivers ciem)’ in the public, I already had experienced it with one week. Also, I had experienced to write a review article about ‘NT-8’ ciem and..

[In-Ear Monitor] Hidition NT-8 : The return of the legend
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2018.11.01 20:45

It has not been very long since I met ‘Hidition’ directly and began to get close to each other. Since bought Hidition NT-6pro iem 5 years ago, it has been difficult to get close to them because I have not had any chance to get in touch because they have not had any external activities or special events in recent years. After contact with them, I found out that the image of Hidition that I kn..

Variphone Go2Rock customized in-ear monitor: Cold, but warm-hearted
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2019.02.21 09:04

Have you experienced any products from ‘Variphone’? I didn’t know even ‘Variphone’ brand name until I met official staff members in person by chance. After visiting their main office in Belgium and see all of happening in there, just realized that they already have top-class manufacturability level in in-ear monitor field. So why aren’t they known to the public even with their high-levele..


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