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[Review] Hidition NT-1 custom-fit in-ear monitor: The Great things come in a ​small package.
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2019.08.10 14:35

Thinking of ‘Hidition’, what product comes to your mind? ‘NT-6’, ‘NT-6Pro’, ‘NT-8’, ‘Violet’.. Those of you who read this article probably mention these high-priced ciem products in your mind. Before launching new product ‘Violet (11 BA drivers ciem)’ in the public, I already had experienced it with one week. Also, I had ex..

[In-Ear Monitor] Hidition NT-8 : The return of the legend
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2018.11.01 20:45

It has not been very long since I met ‘Hidition’ directly and began to get close to each other. Since bought Hidition NT-6pro iem 5 years ago, it has been difficult to get close to them because I have not had any chance to get in touch because they have not had any external activities or special events in recent years. After contact with them, I found out that the image of Hidition that I kne..

Variphone Go2Rock customized in-ear monitor: Cold, but warm-hearted
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2019.02.21 09:04

Have you experienced any products from ‘Variphone’? I didn’t know even ‘Variphone’ brand name until I met official staff members in person by chance. After visiting their main office in Belgium and see all of happening in there, just realized that they already have top-class manufacturability level in in-ear monitor field. So why aren’t they known to the public even with their high-levele..


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