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[WANTED] [Event] Make you different: with new experience
공지 [Notice] 2019.03.18 11:05

'WANTED' We are looking for brands for doing new 'Experience.' And, we'd like to offer to express your items or ideas to the public with this new 'Experience.' Please go ahead and suggest us for collaboration with your item which is valuable and meaningful in the current market. Then, find a new opportunity for yourself! Under below is about terms and conditions. 1. We do not accept any request..

Variphone Go2Rock customized in-ear monitor: Cold, but warm-hearted
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2019.02.21 09:04

Have you experienced any products from ‘Variphone’? I didn’t know even ‘Variphone’ brand name until I met official staff members in person by chance. After visiting their main office in Belgium and see all of happening in there, just realized that they already have top-class manufacturability level in in-ear monitor field. So why aren’t they known to the public even with their high-levele..

[In-Ear Monitor] Hidition NT-8 : The return of the legend
Audiophile Review (ENG) 2018.11.01 20:45

It has not been very long since I met ‘Hidition’ directly and began to get close to each other. Since bought Hidition NT-6pro iem 5 years ago, it has been difficult to get close to them because I have not had any chance to get in touch because they have not had any external activities or special events in recent years. After contact with them, I found out that the image of Hidition that I kne..

하만 BOOST MY MOMENTS 2019 론칭회: 삼성이 바라보고 있는 미래의 오디오
대두인이 간다! 2019.01.29 11:14

지금 하만그룹이 삼성 지휘 하에 있는 회사라는 것은 IT 업계 쪽으로 안다는 사람은 다 알 겁니다. 이상하게도.. 삼성이 하만 그룹을 인수하고 나서.. 여태까지 삼성에서 직접적으로 관여를 해서 마케팅을 하는 경우가 거의 없었습니다. 근데.. 2019 연초에.. 별다른 공지가 없이 제한된 인원 수로 제품을 공개하는 행사를 하겠다는 겁니다. 거기다 초청장이 왔으니.. 더 궁금하게 만들더군요. 삼성과 하만이 만나서 만들어낸..


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