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    Specfications Frequency response: 10Hz~ 23kHz Sensivity: 103dB Impedance: 16 ohm Connectors: 2Pin ciem sockets
    Package Galaxy v2 Pandora Dwarf upgrade cable Silicon ear-caps (S/M/L) Container hard case

    Usage time 290Hrs+

    'Rhapsodio v2' units are wholly made of brass material from its chambers to the nozzles without connection except 2pin connectors and nozzles. Its color is like a dark silver reminiscent of titanium. Its units’ size is bigger than general iems and weight is heavy. The nozzles including enclosures are 6mm in diameter and its insides are protected by wire meshes, which can use common-size ear-caps but it will get a bit tough. On the sides of the chambers, there are anti-static stickers developed by ‘Rhapsodio’.

    Its actual feeling of fit is heavy, but it does not give any pain to the ears because the unit chambers’ surface touches the ear canal widely. The connector of units is a 2pin ciem socket and suitable for matching with various custom cables. Overall, ‘Galaxy v2’ has a rough finish, but there has been no problem that directly affects the sound in actual use for nearly two months.

    The "Pandora Dwarf" upgrade cable is included with the package. It is made of 6N OCC litz wires, the 2-pin male connector and Y-splitter covered with aluminum and carbonate materials. The enclosed ear-caps are designed by ‘Rhapsodio’ directly in the form of a thin bell-shape which swinging when equipped, that is quite similar to ‘Spin-fit’ ear-caps. Using them with 'Galaxy v2', reduce long-fitting fatigue by dispersing the weight pressures on the wall of the ear canals.

    The most prominent part of "Galaxy v2" sound-signature is the strong harmonics texture in the treble. When you hear a new ‘Galaxy v2’, treble harmonic particles are uneven and rough, so seems to cause masking phenomena and unstable sound balance.
    Therefore, the manufacturer recommends doing burn-in more than 200 hours. As the work is done, the harmonic particles of the high frequency get smoother and wet. Also, the mid-range and mid-bass are more emphasized. As a result, the overall tone of sound gets calmer, and proportion of mid-range and bass become more noticeable like bubbles rise to the water surface. Therefore, the overall sound balance becomes more stable.
    After this change, the high-frequency sounds is like a lot of thin strands of thread are condensed into one line and spread a strong energy. This characteristic is evident in "La Ronde des Lutins op.25" of "Antonio Baccini" played by ‘Itzhak Perlman’. The main violin playing at the beginning of the music is very resinous, feels like as rosin powder is scattered and bumping in the air.

    The reason for these is that the instrument or vocals recorded in the main sounds lay-back in one step and the rest is the representation of the stage drawn in front of it. When you increase the volume of the sound to hear the proper volume of the main instrument, the weight of the treble will increase. When the dynamic range of the sound source is not recorded enough, high-band will be distorted as if being pressed. I recommend that listen to a sound source with a good recording quality.
    Its bass has very thin and deep harmonic characteristics. There was a highlight in the vicinity of 100Hz, so there is no problem with enjoying the solo of the bass or cello. If want to get more bass feeling, the manufacturer recommends using it with their "Copper Wizard" upgrade-cable.
    With this upgrade cable, the harmonics of the bass will thicken and overall sound signature presents more darker and heavier. And the position of the midrange is pulled forward by one step and makes the duet part in Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey's ‘When you believe’ is more prominent. At the same time, the stage is shown narrower than before.
    Galaxy v2 is affected the bass detail and the harmonic texture of the mid-range, depending on matching devices. As the signal-to-noise ratio of the mid-and-high range is stable, the harmonics of middles are softened. I would recommend matching the portable digital audio players with neutral tone, because you have heard output noise in an overdrive environment than a portable audio device.

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