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    Brand: Original Cable Studio (OC Studio)
    Foundation: 2012 in Taiwan

    ‘Original Cable Studio’ is a customized upgrade cable brand, established in 2012 in Taiwan. The founder of the brand couldn’t find any cables suitable for ‘Ultimate-Ears Triple-fi 10 pro’ in-ear monitor in the market. So he made some cables for personal use.

    As these cables become an issue among local users, many have been asked to make productions, and he founded 'OC studio' brand. Now they are custom-tailored upgrade-cables for all earphones and headphones on the market with their own technology. Let me show you three sets of products.

    OC ‘Au X’

    4 wired Cyro UP-OCC Silver Gold
    2Pin ciem to 2.5mm balanced

    ‘OC Au X’ upgrade cable is made of 4 Cyro UP-OCC silver gold wires covered with transparent insulators, and official Frutech 2.5mm balanced terminal. Y-splitter, 2 pin ciem connectors on the cable are clothed by CNC machined Aluminum housings. Those housings have finely imprinted logos which make ‘Au X’ more gorgeous.

    The aluminum Y-splitter helps to keep ‘Au X’ from shaking. Its insulators’ material is soft and flexible, making comfortable to wear without microphonic. The 2pin ciem male connectors are finished in a high standard so that they fit very well into the identical standard 2pin ciem socket products.

    'Au X' clearly demonstrates the unique sound characteristics delivered from gold-plated silver conductors. It gives darker and softer bass harmonics, which helps tone down the atmosphere of the stage. The reverberations of mid and treble are softly tapered, and the more go to the upper band, more firm-up the texture of harmonics.

    It becomes a great help in maintaining a good balance that does not exceed either overly peak in treble or distortion in the bass, though gives an airy clarity to the symbolic performance that demands a sense of density and a sense of coolness.

    It has a characteristic that has more thinned mid-range and increased the weight of bass, so it is recommended matching the product with lack of stage representation due to exaggerated the mid-range or lack of bass reverberation.

    Zeus Unlimited Edition X (UE X)

    4 wired Cyro UP-OCC Pure Silver
    2Pin ciem to 2.5mm balanced

    ‘UE X’ upgrade cable, its insulator is just like ‘Au X’ has. However, due to the wires’ hardness characteristics, it is less flexible than ‘Au X’. This did not give any microphonic or poor fit at all.

    It sounds a bright, textured representation of high & midrange harmonics while keeping the unique tonal characteristics of the product together, that reflects the general characteristics of pure-silver conductors very well. Especially, this feature helps the voices of female voices and the vibrations of strings cleaner and airier.

    It shows pretty flat sound-tuning that does not overly emphasize overall sound-signature except the some of the middle and high frequencies. The sound from the 2.5 / 4.4mm balanced terminals is enough to be enjoyed without any excessive sibilance due to the wide dynamic range and covered peak levels. If you want to listen to airy and clear middles and highs with keeping the basic tendency of devices or earphones, I would recommend using 'UE X' together.

    Orpheus MK5

    4 wired Cyro UP-OCC Copper
    2Pin ciem to 3.5mm Stereo

    'Orpheus MK5' is a UP-OCC copper conductor coated with two color insulators. Its tangency and flexibility are similar to 'UE X'. 3.5mm Stereo terminal carved with 'OC studio' logo has a rhodium-plated signal part with its own housing design, and it is made long enough so that easy to plug into the devices with bumper cases.

    The most striking aspect of the sound-signature displayed through the 'Orpheus MK5' is the low-frequency harmonic change. It has a tuning that reminds of the inherent warm harmonics that come from the vacuum tube devices. The midrange comes a little bit forward in one step helps to convey clearer

    The 3 Cables are offered by ‘OC Studio’. The content of the review has been written without any restriction because the authors' freedom is respected.

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