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    EffectAudio LionHeart upgrade cable, its package is made of black matt paper materials and included with a black leather carrying case and black colored card of guarantee. The guarantee card assures of using official Pentagonn 4.4mm balanced terminal. EffectAudio recently aligned with Japanese company ‘DICS’ which produces Pentagonn terminals, so that they are now one of the companies can use Official Pentagonn terminals.
    Its carrying case is designed with slightly glossy thick black leather and seems very classy. However, it can only store one single Lionheart cable because of the small space. Many usually prefer to an upgrade-cable and an earphone put into the case together. So, it is not really practical to use for carrying to the outside except for long period storage.

    Wires twisted in gold and silver, transparent insulators on top of them, and pink coloring is subtle from a distance. No one would tell this cable is not sophisticated. The terminal, Y-splitter, and connectors are covered with CNC-machined aluminum housings in high standard, with EffectAudio logo engraved on, making the luxury feel stronger.
    Lionheart is made with UP-OCC gold-plated copper wires (EAGold Plated Copper) and UP-OCC silver copper wires (EASilver Plated Copper) together. Recently, a lot of earphone custom cables have been produced as Hybrid method in which twists materials with two different characteristic wires. However, they usually do not design products like LionHeart. Effect Audio has a differentiating strategy for earphone cables.

    Specs Connector: MMCX Terminal: 4.4mm Blanced Pentagonn (Official) Conductor: EAGold Plated Copper & EASilver Plated Copper Insulator: EA UltraFlexi
    Package LionHeart Upgrade-cable 4.4mm Pentagonn Guarantee card Carrying leather case
    The Heritage Series, LionHeart upgrade-cable is aiming for a musically completed sound than a numerically perfect. Especially, its sound-signature characteristic can be found by the changes in the treble. Around 7kHz is intentionally emphasized, making the hi-hat performance and female vocals sound airier and elastic. This helps to easily tell inner details of playing the piano and scrapping off the snare drum with a brush at the beginning of a song 'Angela' of 'Falado de Amor' album labeled in Japan 2003 by 'Stefano Bollani Trio' without any masking effect.

    There is a deep in the lower midrange so that the soundstage is a little bit expanded, and vocals seem to sound one step forward because of hearing midrange and treble except lower midrange clearer, with earphones which focuses on mid and bass’ harmonics. The harmonics emanating from the middle bass emit strongly in a dark tone, giving the powder a feeling of scattering in the air. This gives the fun of a unique saxophone’s harmonics from the song “Syeeda's Song Flute” by “John Coltrane” that sounds like ringing in listener’s head.

    LionHeart is well suited for products which have heavy midrange and bass, and calm treble. This doesn’t mean the lack of high frequencies, is about have a polite ton treble with welly sufficient dynamic range. Most systems employing 4,4 mm balanced terminals tend to expand the dynamic range of low frequencies, so even with a little-overdamped upper-bass, there is less-masking or no severe distortion. However, please pay attention to matching with gears having the balanced output, due to performing unstable and awkward when the midrange performance is poor.

    Classy appearance
    Comfort fitting
    Reliable terminal (Official Pentagonn)
    Unique bass characteristic
    Clear treble

    Easily scratched
    A little bit tricky matching
    Small carrying case

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